Become a part of our organization and share your stories and legends, and we will share ours with you.  We have chapters in many cities and a Coast-to-Coast Chapter with regional areas.  Many of the CCC member locations evolve into new chapters.

Silverliners is open to former and current flight attendants.  Here's what some are saying about being a member:

I joined Silverliners in San Diego 15 years ago and loved our monthly luncheons. After I moved to Florida, I helped start the Jacksonville, FL/JAX chapter. It always amazes me how much fun a bunch of flight attendants can have when we get together. It doesn’t matter which airline, we all share wonderful memories of our days in the sky. JAX Chapter Member

In 1975 I was invited to a Ft. Lauderdale Silverliner luncheon where I met former EAL flight attendants.   One of the luckiest days of my life.  I have made lifelong friends.  Our chapter meets once a month and every other year, except this one, we have a convention in different cities. I first went to San Juan, then Mexico City, New Orleans and lots of other fun places. And now we have included flight attendants from other airlines which creates lots of new friends and more new stories.– FLL Chapter Member

In addition to my local chapter BFFs, this organization has given me friends that I will totally cherish forever.  It has also given me the opportunity to accomplish and participate in things that would not be possible if it weren't for this group. - DCA Chapter Member

Thanks to Silverliners, I realized that being a flight attendant was a special bond with other former flight attendants who taught me about life long camaraderie and charity through supporting and helping those in need.  This is why I pay my dues and join the Silverliners every year, to stay active with them.  Besides, there are so many I would miss if I wasn't able to share these things with them. -  PBI Chapter Member 

I flew for Eastern Air Lines for 27 1/2 years and was based in three different bases and commuted from TPA where I joined the Silverliners in the 80's and enjoyed the friendships of some great ladies.  I had to relocate after Eastern folded and lost track of so many friends.  I remarried in 2004 and relocated to Fort Walton Beach, FL.   About 3 years ago, I heard about a Silverliners chapter in the Florida Panhandle.  I went from knowing no one in the area to 16 new friends.  I have been active in our local chapter  and I am enjoying helping as a member of the Out Reach Committee.  I really enjoy being a member of the Silverliners and seeing old friends again and meeting new ones.  After all, we do have a common bond. – FEC Chapter Member

Approximately 32 years ago I saw an ad in the TPA newspaper for Silverliners.  The ad  invited former flight attendants to join the local chapter.  I decided to go just to see what it was all about.  The meeting was held at a Silverliner’s home, I was welcomed with open arms.  I immediately felt I’d found what was missing in my life!  Now, 32 years later I am so happy I attended that first meeting.  Our organization has given me so many wonderful lifetime friends, excellent opportunities to volunteer and fantastic memories. – FGC Chapter Member 

I first heard about the Silverliners in the 70’s. As a 5 year MCO member I regret not joining this fabulous group years ago! – MCO Chapter Member

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