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Membership and expansion are always of primary concern to the Executive Board.  Silverliners is open to all former and current flight attendants.  For further information regarding membership in this exciting and diverse group, please email your request to:  [email protected] and put ATTN:  Membership in the subject line.  Please include your contact information and someone will  be in touch with you.  You’ll be glad that you did!



Every member is someone who had the where-with-all to actually apply to be a stewardess /flight attendant. And more special still...they were successful ... they were CHOSEN ... from hundreds of applicants.


We all were chosen to do the best, most envied job in the world. We worked in the sky.

We became Flight Attendants (Stewardesses) and suddenly had a new identity. This identity carried a degree of prestige and was looked up to by almost everyone. Then for many of our members for different, individual reasons, that special career ended.

Do you miss it more now than you ever did? Do you miss the "feel" of the aircraft inflight? Do you miss the creaks and groans and even turbulence?  Do you miss the smells - the Eau de Boeing, as we called it, which permeated our hair, our uniforms and even our souls?

We were "CREW" - a true TEAM who worked together, played together, supported each other, dined together, shopped together and bonded, like in no other profession except perhaps the military. We faced bad weather, aircraft mechanicals, delays, some awful passengers, sometimes fear…all together as CREW.

Those of us who flew prior to the last decade had no cell phones, so, as when we embarked on a nine-day pairing, away from home, we consoled our crew members who may have had a fight with their spouse before leaving, or was a new mother, or those who may have had an ill relative, or were once again, missing Christmas, or special family occasions. Yes - we were CREW. And "that" will never leave us…ever.

Sadly, wistfully, for many of us those days are long gone…but not if you are a Silverliner.  By joining this organization with back-end CREW from over 50 airlines, we again renew and retain our CREW status. We work together for humanitarian causes, charities and endless support of each other.

We are CREW - Silverliners' Crew and we help others. We "serve" our community charities and each other.

By joining Silverliners you have this opportunity to remain as crew, to once again enjoy the camaraderie, the new friends, the aviation history and the very real opportunity to do good for others ... as CREW.

Our annual membership for International is just $30 per year which gives you an Annual Directory and two incredible magazines.  For those not living in an area where a chapter is located, you would become a member of our Coast to Coast Chapter.  As specific areas of the CCC chapter have grown, we have formed new chapters in those locations.  If you are located in an area of an existing chapter, local chapters set their own local dues.  

Such a small price to be part of a truly unique Organization. We hope you will join us and we can say WELCOME ABOARD!


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